Every parent has had the frightening experience of looking away from their child for mere seconds, only to find them gone when they look back. Fortunately, they are usually quickly found close by. But what if they’re not? Child Safe Kit® makes pertinent information about your child available in one place, at a moment’s notice, when seconds count the most.

Globe Life has teamed up with the International Police Association to help ID Children in North America.

We are doing this at No-Cost.  No cost to the Parents or Schools.


“I’m glad to have app & paper version of child kit to have my kids info readily avail. In regards to being sold life ins. Written by another review: Perhaps her person wasn’t clear..these kits are endorsed by the Inter. Union Police Assoc & Amer. Fed. of Teachers, so as a thank you, they give ur family opportunity to enroll in same life ins. benefits the police, teachers & other unions are offered at great prices. I compared & switched my life ins. You are not obligated, so not a scam.”

Emma Barnes

“At first I thought it was a scam, but then I found out that is actually endorsed by the police Union, and the benefits are truly at no cost, there are optional additional family protection plans you can add, but its just optional. AIL, the company that backs up this program is an Union company which I loved because they support the community and families.”

Kathe Lewis

“What an amazing tool! I spend weekends with my stepson and don’t have all of his info in hand nor do I know it! Thanks for this app if anything happens to him, I have all the info on my fingertips, because who nowadays goes anywhere without their phone!! The agent was so helpful, she explained the whole child safe protection program and activated my app!! I soo sores all of my contacts to get the app for free as well!”

Miss Veronica C

“I am so glad I am able to protect my children more with this app anything helps. It is amazing and is very valuable. I was able to extend this to my close family and friends as well to help protect their children. I definitely recommend every parent to have this. Don’t wait and schedule your appointment today it is important not only for you but for your children.”

Victoria Dun

“This app saves lives! The benefits offered w/this app are incredible! I was protected w/benefits @ the lowest rates Union members get, & they let me make my 2nd payment out 14 days into next month. Essentially I got 2 weeks of coverage for free! Don’t know what some people are talking about on this review board, they must not understand the incredible opportunity they are given & the exclusiveness of the offer! Union members have it the best! Definitely worth having the professional in my home”

Brandon Brown

“Easy to use and can hold all my kids info in case anything happens. The representative that was out to help me set it up was great help to. The company offered me some benefits that our family has not prepared for yet. Glad my friend was able to get these out to me.”

Christian Bevins

“I have this app for my daughter and it is amazing!! I never have issues with it and it protects my peace of mind. I know if anything happens I have this app to help. One of the best apps to save kids!! Easy and I love it!!!”

Cherry Rogers

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